If you’re wondering how to market your photography business, this course is for you! From consistent branding and optimized messaging to specific marketing channels and communication frequency, this course unveils the tools you need to be not just an expert photographer, but an excellent marketer and communicator, too.

Marketing is simple, right? All it takes is posting a picture on social media and watching the sales come in? Well, not exactly. Marketing your volume photography business is complex and nuanced, but we promise that this course makes it easy-to-understand and implement. 

By the end of this course, you’ll not only know that the key to effective marketing is simplicity and timing, but also how to practically apply your new knowledge. Our expert team provides proven marketing strategies and sales methods to level up your business.


    1. The Benefits of Selling Online

    2. Why Your Image Matters

    1. Building Connection

    2. Effective Messaging

    3. Online Presence

    1. SMS Marketing

    2. Grabbing Your Customer's Attention

    3. Offers & Incentives

    4. Packages & Bundles

    1. Using Pre-pay

    2. Packages

    3. Time-based Offers

    1. Seasonal Offers

    2. Summary

    1. Test Your Knowledge: Mastering Marketing for Volume Photographers

    2. How'd We Do?

    3. Change log

Course Details

  • $99.00
  • 17 lessons
  • Approximately 1 hour of self‑guided education
  • Evaluation quiz and certificate

Course Host

Wes Greene

Content Strategist & Producer, PhotoDay

Wes Greene has spent over 15 years writing and producing creative and educational content for a wide range of companies in the tech startup sector, as well as support content for the public school system. Initially intending to teach high school while balancing a filmmaking hobby, the latter snowballed into a budding career working on commercials, training videos, and various media marketing projects and strategies in the tech startup industry. This crossover of multimedia know-how and passion for education has carved out a unique position at PhotoDay, where he develops a broad spectrum of content for the company. Wes received his BA in International Relations with a minor in Linguistics from the University of South Florida, and enjoys several musical hobbies in his spare time.

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