Are you a photographer looking for a game-changing solution to grow your photography studio business further or break into the school market for the first time? In this course you’ll learn exactly how to find and book new school clients, as well how to understand the key decision maker’s mindset, build your online presence, prepare a foolproof sales pitch, close the deal with confidence, meet your clients’ needs, and more!

No matter where you’re at in your volume photography career—just getting started or seasoned professional—this course is for you. Our team of industry experts and seasoned studio owners have tested these proven techniques and are ready to teach you how to unlock the power and ability to take on new clients in the school photography market and expand your volume photography business. 

Invest in yourself, your business, and start earning more!


    1. Welcome & Downloads

    1. Tips to Building Connections

    2. Your Online Business Card

    3. Referrals & Testimonials

    4. Summary

    1. Becoming an Approved Vendor

    1. Introduction

    2. What Key Decision Makers Need

    3. What the School Needs

    4. Data Privacy

    5. Clear Communication

    6. Ensuring Product Delivery

    1. Things to Consider

    2. Background Check

    1. Tips and Tricks

    2. Be Open to Solutions

    3. Compensation Structure

Course Details

  • 24 lessons
  • Approximately 1 hour of self‑guided education
  • Evaluation quiz and certificate

Course Host

Alicia Miller

Senior Marketing Manager, PhotoDay

Alicia Miller is a marketing professional with experience across multiple industries but predominantly focusing on tech and software that improves the lives of others. With years of experience in strategy, branding, and creative direction, Alicia now brings her passion for marketing to PhotoDay. As the child of a teacher and believer that you should never stop learning, she's thrilled to help deliver the expertise of the Academy team to volume photography business owners. Alicia received her undergraduate degree in English at the University of Central Florida. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cuddling her dog, Shea, and cheering on her favorite teams with her fiance.

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