If you’ve ever felt intimidated or confused by contracts and commissions in the world of volume photography, you’re not alone! In this course, our experts walk you through all of the primary factors you should consider and include in your volume photography contracts, as well as the basics of negotiating mutually beneficial photography commission rates with your clients. You’ll also receive a free photography contract template.*

These topics can seem overwhelming, but they don’t have to be! The key to success with contracts and commissions in understanding and flexibility (and always having your lawyer read and approve your contracts)

If you want to gain a leading edge as a savvy business owner and become a confident leader in structuring terms, look no further than this course! Earn your certificate today and walk away with the confidence to negotiate client agreements effectively. 

* PhotoDay is not offering official legal or contract advice. The material covered is for your consideration and to provide you as a business owner with a baseline understanding of the working mechanics of creating a photography contract.


    1. Welcome & Downloads

    1. What is a Commission?

    2. Types of Commissions

    3. Pros & Cons

    4. Average Order Value (AOV)

    5. Run the Numbers

    6. Alternatives to Commissions

    7. Potential Red Flags

    1. Disclaimer

    2. What is a Contract

    3. What to Include

    4. Negotiating Contracts (ft. Brian Derenski)

    5. Additional Notes

    1. Wrap-Up

    2. Test Your Knowledge: The Foolproof Guide to Contracts and Commissions

    3. How'd We Do?

    4. Change log

Course Details

  • $99.00
  • 17 lessons
  • Approximately 1 hour of self‑guided education
  • Evaluation quiz and certificate

Course Host

Emiley Jones

Copywriter & Content Writer, PhotoDay

Emiley Jones is an established writer, digital marketer, and photographer with diverse experience in e-commerce, SaaS, and local retail marketing. She also runs her own business as a portrait and wedding photographer. Emiley started her career at PhotoDay learning the software’s intricacies and studio challenges as a customer success representative, but quickly moved to the marketing department to focus on developing helpful user documentation such as support articles and the PhotoDay Guide, sharing inspiring studio success stories on the blog, communicating product updates, and more. Emiley received her BA in English Literature with a minor in Writing & Rhetoric from the University of Central Florida. Offline, you can find her hiking, reading, and birding.

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